The Purposes Of Christian Rings

People wear jewelry for a number of different reasons. Some will wear it because it is in style and they like the way it looks. Some people will wear jewelry because it serves a purpose, such as a watch. Some people wear jewelry because it was a gift from a loved one who they want to remember, and it means something to them.

In many different religions, jewelry and other items are symbols that represent beliefs. Christians are no different – they too wear jewelry for a number of different religious reasons.

  1. Personal Reminders. Some Christians like to wear jewelry to be reminded about Jesus Christ. They want to be able to remember His example and the sacrifice the He made. A Christian ring with a cross on it or some other symbol can serve as a reminder to them and help them remember where all good things come from.
  2. Signs of Devotion. There are some Christians that like to show their devotion in an outward manner. They want to let people know that they are Christians. These people can be good examples of Christianity as they do good works and good deeds. When people notice that they are Christians based on their rings or jewelry and also notice their good works, it will shine a positive light on their religion.
  3. Purity. There are some pieces of jewelry and rings in particular that have specific meaning behind them. A purity ring is a ring that is worn by an individual who has committed to refrain from sexual activity until they are married. The ring serves as a reminder to themselves and also shows others that they have committed to a life of abstinence until marriage.
  4. WWJD and CTR. There are other rings that can help individuals direct their behavior in a certain way. A "What Would Jesus Do" (WWJD) or a "Choose the Right" (CTR) ring can help an individual remember to act in a specific way. These rings will help direct the wearer's actions so that they reflect what Jesus would do in specific situations.

These are just some of the reasons why Christians wear jewelry and particularly rings. They serve very important purposes as reminders, and they help the wearer act in a manner that is consistent with their Christian beliefs. These can be a great way to show your devotion and let people know who you are and what you believe.