Where in the Home Should You Hang Your Crucifix?

Whether you want to hang one or a dozen, you may struggle with deciding where to hang a wall crucifix in your home. The short answer is that you can hang your crucifix wherever you'd like. But that answer still leaves a ton of options.

There Are No Rules

Unlike an emblem such as a state or country flag, there are generally no absolute rules governing the hanging of a crucifix. It doesn't have to face a specific direction or hang in a specific room.

It doesn't need to sit high on a wall or low. This means that you can practice a little creativity in your placement choice if you want. Here are a few places you can try.

Hang it to promote contemplation – Any place where you will see your crucifix while you're stationary is a good place for it. For example, you can place it in the bedroom, in view of the bed. Then when you can wake, you can see it and use it as a focus to think about the coming day.

If you have a favorite chair or seat, then placing the crucifix in view of that place will serve the same purpose. The crucifix promotes deep thought and contemplation of God.

Hang one in every room – There's nothing wrong with hanging a crucifix in every room. Not only does this practice represent a blessing on each room and each person in the home, it also serves as a constant reminder to stay mindful of your faith.

Hang one over the bed(s) – Many people like to allow their crucifix to watch over them as they sleep. Others like the idea of having a powerful representation of their faith hanging over the marital bed. Still others like to have a crucifix standing sentinel over a crib or child's bed.

Hang one over every door or entry – Similar to the previous two options, you can hang a crucifix over every door or entryway in the home, or just specific ones. There are many wall crucifixes sized just right to fit above a doorframe.

Hang one for the family to touch – Try hanging a crucifix to the side of an entrance or exit, low enough to touch. Many people like to have the ability to touch as well as to see their crucifix. It can even become a part of a home's daily ritual. For example, you can hang the crucifix by the front door. That way, everyone can touch it on their way out.

Hang a crucifix as a focal point – One option you may consider is hanging your wall crucifix as a main focal point of the home. For example, you can hang it prominently in the living room or as the first thing someone will see when they step into the home.

There's no limit to what you can do with your crucifix. You can even hang it in a dedicated space to use as a meditation room. Whatever helps you most. You can also try different combinations of the suggestions listed here until you come up with something that works for you.