Kippah Clips for Less: Options That Save Money and Do Not Overly Adorn Your Yarmulke

When you go to Temple, you want to put on your yarmulke with no frills and no fuss. Unless it is one of the high Jewish holidays where a little extra adornment may be appropriate, you just want to go unadorned. If this sounds like you, here are some kippah-clip options for less money than what a good loaf of challah bread costs.

Bobby Pins from a Dollar Store

Walk into any dollar store, and you are bound to find a full card of bobby pins for a buck. It does not get any cheaper than this (unless you raid your mother's stash of curlers and beauty supplies), and if you lose any of the bobby pins, it costs you only a couple of cents, versus the dollars lost on the really fancy kippah clips. Better still, if all of these bobby pins lose their grip, get bent out of shape, or go missing, you can just buy another card of them for a dollar.

The Clearance Rack at a Discount Religious Goods Store

Clearance racks at discount religious goods stores are another option. These kippah clips were already a good deal at a discount store, and now they are clearance priced on top of that. The best time to look for cheap kippah clips is after any major Jewish holiday, when the store will try to unload themed goods to make way for the next holiday or season. Who knows? Maybe you will even find a nice, new prayer shawl while you are there.

Wholesale, Online Religious Goods

Another place to look is an online wholesale seller of religious goods. The added benefit of looking here is that you will be able to find many products that are kosher and do not use any part of animals for resins or adhesives to make the kippah clips. (If your Jewish faith is very strict about this, then this is definitely one option you will want to consult before all others.) Most everything sold on these sites is under cost, and the products are often simple and shipped quickly and cheaply. You can start looking at sites of companies such as Kippah Klipz to see if there are any clips you are interested in. 

Mom's Beauty Case

If you find that you are out of every possible clip-like item for your yarmulke, and you have forgotten to buy some more clips, you can always raid your mother's, wife's, or sister's beauty case. There are bound to be extra bobby pins or clips in there. Just make sure you ask the lady of the house first before you go rooting around in her things.