Kippah Clips for Less: Options That Save Money and Do Not Overly Adorn Your Yarmulke

When you go to Temple, you want to put on your yarmulke with no frills and no fuss. Unless it is one of the high Jewish holidays where a little extra adornment may be appropriate, you just want to go unadorned. If this sounds like you, here are some kippah-clip options for less money than what a good loaf of challah bread costs. Bobby Pins from a Dollar Store Walk into any dollar store, and you are bound to find a full card of bobby pins for a buck.

Bridging The Gap ~ When Your Mother-In-Law Is Catholic And You Are Not

Is your mother-in-law a devout Catholic and you are not? If so, you may have come at odds with her at some point, or perhaps you are both amicable and respectful of each other's religious belief; however, you may have a desire to show compassion and love towards your mother-in-law. Despite your efforts, you may feel as though your differences in your faith are interfering with you bonding with her. The following are some examples of ways that you can attempt to bridge religious gaps and form better familial bonds with your husband's mother.